Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hi guys!
sorry for taking so long to put out an update! i was fooling around with the capture card and its rendering software, and i'm not getting any where with it. So I just decided to play some random games to fill up the time and the anguish.
Well, i decided to play amnesia with a couple of my buddies,, and hey guess what? It's a completely interesting game. No weapons for you, but there are monsters around. your only self defense is to hide yourself in the dark. You go kind of crazy in the game, and the whole think is kind of interesting. Oh and btw, you have amnesia.
If you get a chance, i suggest you play the game!



  1. 9/12 Daily Clicking!

    turn off your captcha!

  2. New Blog Post and 9/15 love!

  3. everyday we play the game that makes us laugh and shout.

    But in the end we never win and all we do is pout.

    If black is blue and red is green and this makes actual sense

    Now I will turn around and laugh at all others expense.

    That was lame but w/e